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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy explained

CBT is an evidence-based approach to treatment that works by “re-wiring” the brain using both cognitive and behavioural exercises.

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CBT Explained

How cognitive behavioural therapy works

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) focuses on identifying and reconstructing problematic thought/behaviour cycles. The diagram below demonstrates how our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours are all connected, therefore our thoughts and beliefs influence our behaviours and vice versa. CBT teaches you how to interrupt this cycle to initiate a more positive response system.

It has consistently been found to be the most researched and evidenced-based psychological framework and related therapeutic strategies proven to be able to effectively and dramatically improve most mental health problems.

Maladaptive cycles are thought to be learned from past experiences; however, CBT focuses primarily on problems as they affect people in their present day lives. In short, CBT helps clients understand how their perceptions and interpretations of themselves and significant events, affects their emotional states and consequently ineffective coping strategies. CBT helps them to learn and construct new ways of interpreting events that fit better with situations to help them cope and respond more effectively.

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How does CBT work?

A quick checklist about the CBT process, and how it works

CBT is Structured

Time Limited (6-20 Sessions)

Problem-focused and goal-oriented

Collaborative with therapist

Teaches strategies and skills

Based on proactive, shared therapeutic relationship between therapist/client

Gives you the power and control to change how you feel and respond to various situations

CBT explained visually

An easy-to-digest diagram to help your understanding of CBT

What we think affects how we act and feel.

What we feel affects how we think and do.

What we do affects how we think and feel.

Who is CBT best suited to?

Because of its incredible versatility, and decades of research and modifications throughout its history, CBT is a suitable treatment for almost every mental health condition that people seek treatment for

The true power of CBT, however, comes from clients taking control and implementing the strategies they have learned independently. These skills take practice and repetition, which occurs between sessions with the therapist.

CBT goes beyond simple talk therapy, or insight-oriented therapy, in that it is an active, problem focused, and present focused, therapy that requires effort and perseverance on the part of the patient.

In short, in collaboration with your therapist, CBT is for anyone, with almost any problem, who is committed to putting in consistent CBT-based work to effectively overcome their problems.

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